Hourly Buoy Data

In a few months we will be upgrading the NERACOOS website and this version of the buoy map will be completely retired. You can read more about why we decided to retire the buoy map by clicking here.

Did you know that the Hourly Buoy Data has already been integrated into the Mariners’ Dashboard? You can find a new buoy map and the latest observations by going to the Mariners’ Dashboard and clicking on any asset. The latest conditions for that buoy will be shown directly under the map. Once you are there, add a new bookmark!
(Tip: To create a bookmark, press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command+D (Mac) while on the page you want to save.)

Mariners' Dashboard

Click here to test out the Mariners Dashboard: a new way to explore ocean and weather observations from stations throughout the Northeast

Due to atmospheric or other conditions, latest data may not always be available.

NOTICE: These realtime data are considered provisional. Please read the definition of provisional data and their inherent limitations.

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- ♦ Gulf of Maine Buoys
- Long Island Sound Buoys
- Narragansett Bay Buoys
- CDIP Buoys
- Bowdoin Buoy
- NERRS Stations
- ♦ NOAA Buoys
- NOS Stations
- Scituate Tides
- ♦ Environment Canada Buoys
- ♦ SmartBay Buoys
- USGS Stations
- MVCO Sea Node
- MayflowerWind MA
- ♦ Inactive Buoys

- Cornell Whale Array
♦ Recent detections
♦ No recent detections
♦ Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary