Integrated Nutrient Observatory: Schedule

Project Schedule:

Below are the tentative deployement dates of nutrient sensors throughout the NERACOOS Region. 

Spring 2017:

  • Narragansett Bay Deployment, Narragansett Bay Commission 

Spring 2016:

  • Long Island Sound Deployment, University of Connecticut 
  • Great Bay Re-Deployment, University of New Hampshire
  • Gulf of Maine Buoy E, I, M & N, University of Maine

April 2015:

  • Great Bay Deployment, University of New Hampshire

May 2015:

  • Great Bay Estuary Stakeholder workshop

June 2015:

  • Buoy E and I Deployment, University of Maine

​July 2015:

  • Long Island Sound Deployment, University of Connecticut

September 2015:

  • Buoy M and N Deployement, University of Maine