NERACOOS Data Policies

NERACOOS Data Management Plan

NERACOOS Data Management Plan - Version 2 (6/12/2017)

NERACOOS Data Management Plan - Version 1 (2/20/2014)

The NERACOOS Data Management Plan was developed following the guidance of the NOAA EDMC Data Management Planning Procedural Directive and IOOS DMAC and Certification guidelines. [Extracted from Appendix A of the NOAA EDMC Data Management Planning Procedural Directive (2011):] This Template is provided as an example to assist DM Plan developers. It may be downloaded from the DMP Repository. The Repository also includes other plans as examples.

NERACOOS Data Policy
The primary mission of NERACOOS is to deliver actionable data and products from sustained observations and models and to generate support for these. Herein data refers to observations as well as model output including, nowcasts, forecasts and hindcasts. Partners that distribute data without adequately recognizing NERACOOS, IOOS and the original data sources dilute the efforts of all to sustain the measurements with external support and the support of their institutions. Others might make use of data in any way that they wish but partners supporting NERACOOS commit to the principles listed below to enhance the longevity of sustained multi-use observations.

NERACOOS Data Sharing Policy, adopted September 4, 2013

The NERACOOS Regional Association has been been certified by NOAA as meeting federal standards for data gathering and management. In simple terms, that means that ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes data and information from these non-federal System partners can now be used with the same confidence and assurances as federal data.